Brown Eyed Girls mini concert @club Answer

LOL The performance where miryo fell again during abracadabra rororororor

Brown Eyed Girls mini concert @club Answer

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03.02.12 Happy 6th Year Anniversary Brown Eyed Girls!

Kim Hyojin | Cho Mihye | Park Hyojin | Son Gain

Always striving to surpass your previous music. Unafraid to push the limits. Trend Setters. Artists.

Another year has passed and nothing makes me happier to see you girls get closer and closer to achieving your goals and dreams as artists. You may not be as well known as other idols but you will forever be the Brown Eyed Girls that everyone looks up to. The Brown Eyed Girls that everyone loves for their musical talent and creativity. Thank you for everything. and please don’t take another 2 years before releasing your next album T_T

My goddesses. My inspiration and number one source of distraction. I love you ♥

Brown Eyed Girls is Everlasting

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100130 Brown Eyed Girls Infinite Challenge Cut (With K.Will) [ENGSUB]

i love beg & k.will together. 

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